On Writing, On Living

If your parents have ever looked at you like you’re a disappointment, this is for you.

If you have ever thought you aren’t at the point where you should be, then this is for you too.

“Read your books oo, so that you go make am for this life.” (So that you’ll be successful) That was the mantra we heard while growing up.

Our parents and teachers never let us forget the importance of getting good grades because there lies “the keys to success” in their words.

So we tried, we all did.

Every child wanted to be the best; the child other parents used as an example to their children, the typical see-your-mate or be-like-your-mate-reference child.

Despite what our parents might think, we did want to secure a promising future. No one wants to be seen as a disappointment.

Knowledge ≠ Power

They taught us that knowledge is power…

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